在网上赌搏网站十大排行没有所谓的“典型”高中经历. The 上学校 offers you a tantalizingly diverse curriculum—everything from gender studies and 电影制作 to advanced 有机化学—and invites you to delve deeply into your areas of interest.


好奇心是你计划学习的向导. The high ceiling for advanced learning stretches from math and science to music, 艺术等等, 包括网上赌搏网站十大排行高级研究(CAS)课程, 独立研究项目和专注于古典音乐, 视觉艺术与戏剧.


我们的学生利用他们的激情来创造不同. 通过数十个以拓展为重点的校园俱乐部, 学生策划的与公平和社会正义相关的论坛日和活动, 你可以利用很多服务的机会, 并制定自己的新计划.


The hallmarks of the Crossroads experience coalesce in your unforgettable senior year. You’ll take on a three-week immersive project of your choice and go on a life-changing nature retreat, 巩固了充满激情的探究所定义的高中经历, 个人成长和与老师和同学的终身纽带.


To learn more about our 上学校 curriculum, click on any of the subject headers below or click 在这里 为全面的课程指南.


  • 艺术

    高中提供舞蹈课程, 戏剧, 古典与现代音乐, 电影制作, 音乐制作和视觉艺术. Students display their artwork in the 山姆弗朗西斯画廊; perform in musical, dance and theater performances; shoot films; and build sets and run tech for performances. 艺术 faculty not only train students in the skills of their given disciplines; they teach them to examine meaning and intention in art-making and to stretch the bounds of their creativity, 探索新媒体和新思维方式, 观察与创造. Students with a serious interest in arts can major in music, 戏剧 or visual arts.
  • 英语/出版物

    The English curriculum strives to instill in students a lifelong love and appreciation of reading, and to teach students to write in ways that—beyond mere correctness—fluently communicate deeper meanings and values. 当学生从不同的角度和背景体验文学时, 老师鼓励他们培养批判性思维和阅读能力, 清楚地传达他们的理解, 支持良好的说明性文章和创造性, 多类型的项目,发展他们的真实声音.

    The Publications program gives students an opportunity to take those reading, 具备印刷和在线出版物的写作和编辑技能. 他们从各种来源创作和征集作品, 编辑和润色这些片段, and learn fundamentals of design to produce the award-winning student print and online newspaper; print and online literary magazine; and academic journal, 还有年鉴.
  • 历史/电影研究

    The 上学校 历史 Department strives to help students experience the “foreignness” of the past and its power, 并加深他们对政治的理解, 经济和社会生活. 历史研究磨练理性, 深化了同情心, 唤醒责任感, 在必要的时候, 响了警报. 在历史系所有的课上, 学生写, 讨论和辩论原始文件中的论点, 面试, 学术期刊, 历史经典著作, 电影和其他来源. Assignments encourage analysis, synthesis, evaluation and original research.

    历史系还设有电影研究系, in which students examine the vital role that this popular culture medium plays in the social and political life of the United States and around the world.
  • 人类发展

    四个部门组成了人类发展项目:社区服务, 环境及户外教育, 生活技能和体育. These curricula work in tandem to instill healthy physical, mental and emotional development. Students learn to make meaningful social contributions; connect to the natural world; speak their truths and practice compassion; and engage in physical wellness. 通过人类发展项目, 学生理解, 整合协调他们的身体, 思想和心灵.
  • 数学

    We believe that all students can be solid mathematics students: We must simply discover the pace at which each student learns best. 课程和课程顺序的设计考虑了节奏的差异. 高中学生的标准课程是代数1, 几何, 代数2, 三角函数, 微积分预科和微积分. 在这个序列中, 学生可以进入速成班, 荣誉和网上赌搏网站十大排行高级课程(CAS), 哪个更深入地探讨主题和单元. 同时遵循传统的主题顺序, 也鼓励学生学习概率和统计.
  • 体育课

    The 体育课 program seeks to promote the development of each student's phsyical well-being and full human potential. We place the emphasis upon personal and cooperative development rather than competition. Students gain an interest in various movement forms and the satisfaction that comes with exercise, 增强他们的身体素质, 心理和情感健康. All students are required to complete one year of 体育课 through either Boom-Fitness or Human Performance.
  • 科学技术

    The thorough understanding of science and technology requires students to engage in hands-on experimentation. 课程包括海洋生物学, 设计与工程, 有机化学, 地球与空间科学, 物理与计算机科学. 学生参与探究性实验, field trips and extended ecological field studies offered through the 环境及户外教育 program. The Science Department teaches students to grow their curiosity and interest in the world around them and to discern science from non-science through problem-solving, 审查, 研究与实验.
  • 世界语言

    网上赌搏网站十大排行提供拉丁语、法语和西班牙语课程. 教师采用注重发展口语的方法, 写作, 阅读和听力,重点是语言沉浸. Courses are taught in the target language to help students reach proficiency. Students apply previously learned material to new contexts and are encouraged to take risks while developing their linguistic instincts. 超越语言技能的习得, 学生学习语言背后的文化, 学习包括政治在内的问题, 社会正义, 经济系统, 文学与艺术.


学校的四名全职大学辅导员会了解每个学生, exploring with them all of the different opportunities that exist for post-secondary life.



Students are accepted into Crossroads’ renowned classical strings program by audition only.







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    “One of my favorite things about working at Crossroads is the relationships I form with students, 既是老师也是导师.”
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