The perfect balance of learning and fun.

Each day begins with a warm hug or high-five from the director, who greets every child by name at the front door. 内部, 我们最年轻的学习者在丰富多样的环境中体验发现的快感,重视每个学生的兴趣, background and unique point of view.


Crossroads empowers students to problem-solve across all areas of the curriculum. Teachers guide student inquiry through dynamic lessons that are experiential, child-centered and socially mindful. Children develop their natural exuberance, playfulness and eagerness for personal expression through physical education, 生活技能和艺术.


小学非常重视与社会正义有关的问题. 网上赌搏网站十大排行为学生提供了成为“挺身者”的工具,他们为自己认为正确的事情大声说话,为自己的社区和世界做出贡献.


The 小学 offers a cozy “second home” where parents, guardians and teachers create a nurturing space for children to flourish. 每周一早会和周五聚会——可能会有文化庆祝活动, 学生的演讲或家长乐队的激动人心的表演增强了团结和归属感.




  • 艺术

    First and second graders take Creative Dance and Movement to understand and value their bodies in action; strengthen the mind/body connection; and increase self-esteem, kinesthetic awareness and social skills. Drama is offered beginning in second grade; skills are integrated and developed through scene work and gently taught through exercises that become more complex as children move through the grade levels. 音乐课程是基于奥尔夫-舒尔沃克过程,包括合唱选项, 字符串, wind instruments and band. Through the visual arts program, students build basic skills and techniques in clay work, 绘画, 版画, 画, 雕塑和拼贴.
  • 体育运动

    The 小学 体育运动 program, 面向五年级学生, 强调安全, 公平竞争, 参与, 自信, 技能发展和乐趣. Fifth-grade athletics takes place after school; players practice together and play games against other schools. There are three “seasons” for fifth-grade sports:

    • Fall: Coed Flag Football and Girls Basketball
    • Winter: Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball and Coed Swimming
    • Spring: Coed Soccer and Boys Volleyball
  • 人类发展

    The 人类发展 program comprises 生活技能, 体育课, Environmental and Outdoor Education (EOE) and Service Learning. 通过生活技能, 孩子们就各种话题表达自己的想法和感受,并学习调解冲突, speaking from the heart and listening attentively. The 体育课 program emphasizes teamwork and sportsmanship; physical fitness and mind/body awareness; skill development; and respect for oneself and others. 四年级和五年级的学生参加通宵的EOE旅行,学习加州早期历史和海洋生物学, 分别. Through the Service Learning program, students engage in projects including conservation; working with the elderly; contributing to local food banks; and advocating for those marginalized in our society and communities.
  • 语言艺术

    Our balanced literacy program enables students to become independent, flexible and resilient readers and writers. Children read a range of literature representing our diverse city and world. They develop strong phonemic awareness, 流利, vocabulary and comprehension, 要明白文本的意义是通过读者和文本之间的交流而产生的. 教学是脚手架式的,以便学生逐渐学会阅读越来越复杂的文本. 写作是作为一种明确的技能来教授的,并且有充足的时间来独立练习. 学生为特定受众创作真实的写作作品,并学习如何跨主题和体裁产生写作想法.
  • 图书馆与科技

    The library program centers on literature and information literacy and contains 13,000册图书和资料. Students learn about the Dewey Decimal System; use encyclopedias and other reference materials to create reports; and utilize the online catalog to find books and eBooks. 五年级结束的时候, 他们使用地图册, 本年历, 传记词典和电子数据库,为他们的研究报告查找信息. The 小学 offers a STEAM Lab (科学, Technology, Engineering, Art & 数学) and other technology resources to support student learning. Kindergarten and first grade students visit the STEAM Lab weekly, while second through fifth graders work there during interdisciplinary “tech weeks.” The annual fifth-grade science and technology collaboration, “Robotathon,展示了学生设计和制造能够完成一系列挑战的机器的能力.
  • 数学

    The math curriculum is conceptual, challenging and grounded in best practices. We also strive to make it fun! Students learn how to reason and communicate using models, numbers and words; form mathematical arguments and respectfully critique the reasoning of others; choose appropriate tools to explore and make meaning; persevere in solving problems; attend to efficiency and accuracy in solutions; and demonstrate computational 流利. 数学 instruction is differentiated to support a range of learners, with grade-level benchmarks that are based on Common Core standards.
  • 科学

    Students experience a world of hands-on science exploration and discovery; gain an appreciation of scientific inquiry; and develop scientific literacy. 我们向年轻的科学家介绍了广泛的学科和内容,包括生物学, 工程, 设计思考, 物理, chemistry and robotics—while continuously working to develop their skills in, 以及对, 科学的流程. The Next Generation 科学 Standards (NGSS) are referenced to help design classroom learning experiences that are relevant and stimulate students’ interests in science; help them find a passion in the field; promote confidence for the subject; and foster a curiosity and will to learn.
  • 社会研究

    Through the social studies curriculum, students explore the world around them, 在过去和现在之间建立有意义的联系,并了解它们在世界上的位置. 在幼儿园, students begin with an introspective look at their own identities, 逐渐扩大他们的视野,包括不同类型的家庭和学校社区的成员. 随着学生年龄的增长, they explore topics related to social justice and activism; local geography and climate; understanding the lives of those from different backgrounds; and the various civil rights movements that have formed modern-day American democracy.
  • 西班牙语

    在低年级,孩子们通过歌曲和故事来听到语言的声音. They focus on diction and pronunciation, learning the differences between the English and 西班牙语 language. Students learn to engage with 西班牙语 through role-playing, 基于项目的学习, interactive games and activities. 每年, 学生们通过合作和创建一个项目来展示他们不断增长的语言技能. Children engage in conversations about culture, 传统, 遗产, immigration and migration, and many other topics related to social justice. Students learn about the Latinx diaspora; through their newly acquired language skills, they learn to see the world through a different lens.

Before-and-After School Care Program

Crossroads offers early morning childcare beginning at 7:30 a.m. 和闲逛, an after-school care program that includes outside play, 创意艺术活动, 充满想象力的游戏, building opportunities and homework study hall for older students. 全年开设两个学期的课后补习班.






  • 斯泰西Koff

    Head of 小学
  • 萨莎摩尔

    Assistant Head of 小学
  • 马特林特纳

    Dean of Teaching and Learning





  • 奥黛丽Matalone

    “I love the relationships that you form at Crossroads. 学生和老师之间的联系是有价值的,反之亦然. You’re learning from each other, and that’s a beautiful thing. 作为老师, 你能够运用你对学生的了解,并将其融入到课程中. The learning is student-centered in that way, and the children feel seen and heard. 谁不想这样呢?”