Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Crossroads is a welcoming, inclusive community that seeks to reflect the diversity of the greater Los Angeles area and encourages the exchange of multiple viewpoints and experiences.
The diversity of our families, 教职员工在我们多样化的社会中是显而易见的, economic and racial backgrounds; belief systems; ethnicities and religions; sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities; family structures; and much more. 我们的多样性丰富了学习经验, exposing students to people of differing backgrounds and perspectives and helping them develop empathy and cultural competency. It also builds their awareness of systematic social inequities and empowers them to advocate for a more just world.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office
由导演斯蒂芬妮·卡里略领导,K-12多元化,公平 & 包容办公室为所有学校的DEI活动提供领导、指导和支持. 该办公室通过实施课程培养公平和包容的文化, pedagogy, programs and policies designed to ensure all members of our community feel a strong sense of belonging. The Elementary, Middle, Secondary and Upper School coordinators are faculty members who support the Office at the divisional level, 由该厅助理协助. The Office creates professional development and parent education opportunities; conducts internal and external outreach; supports recruitment and admission efforts; mentors students and fosters activism; and assesses programs, policies and procedures. 作为拉丁裔支持和外联的主管, Silvia Salazar works with current Latinx students and parents and guides the Admission Office in its recruitment of incoming Latinx families. The Office of Diversity, Equity & 包容是网上赌搏网站十大排行社区所有成员的资源.

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  • Stephanie Carrillo

    Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, K-12
  • Silvia Salazar

    拉丁裔支持副主任 & Outreach, K-12
  • Danny Moreno

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assistant

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  • Tammy Abrahem

  • Mark Quinto

  • Sarah Eleid



The RISE Committee
The RISE Committee was established with the primary goal of helping Crossroads implement recommendations outlined in the School's 2012 Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism report. Its mission was to utilize radical empathy to illuminate and engage with issues surrounding diversity. Additionally, it sought to serve as a driving force for both institutional change and individual identity development.

RISE在促进围绕多样性和包容性开展有影响力的对话方面发挥了关键作用. Moreover, 它积极采取步骤在网上赌搏网站十大排行推进这些目标, 包括促进各种旨在促进多样性的倡议, equity and inclusion, some of which are outlined below.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Programming
网上赌搏网站十大排行为我们的社区提供了一系列的项目, 所有这些都旨在促进包容性和培养归属感. 这些举措共同构成我们促进多样性努力的一个组成部分, equity and inclusion.

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  • SEED Seminars

    Quarterly SEED Seminars are open to Upper School students and all adult members of the School community who seek to gather in support of creating a more inclusive and equitable Crossroads community. 每次研讨会都包括教育和反思. 介绍了有关选定的DEI主题的资源和信息, then participants unpack their own stories and reflect on how lived cultural experiences have shaped their understanding of themselves and others. 通过个人反思和作证, listening to others’ voices, 从经验和集体中学习, 参与者研究和解决影响他们社区的系统性问题.

    我们的SEED项目是基于 National SEED Project,我们的引导员也获得了该组织的认证.
  • 网上赌搏网站十大排行社区议会

    由训练有素的议会协调员领导, the Crossroads Community Council is a quarterly gathering for all adult members of the School community who would like to explore DEI topics in a council setting. 通过真诚的分享和深刻的倾听, 参与者将获得一种感激之情, empathy and connection. 每个委员会的主题和关键提示都是事先确定和共享的.
  • Dads of Color Councils

    description coming soon
  • Parents Raising Students of Color

    这个委员会是为抚养有色人种学生的家长/监护人设立的, 包括那些认为自己是混血和/或多种族的学生. These events are designed to help parents/guardians raising students of color to stay empowered, hopeful, 在遇到谈判偏见和围绕种族和民族问题的政治时,也能保持弹性.

Diversity and Inclusion

Affinity Groups and Programs
Affinity groups are organized and designed to support our community who share a common aspect of their identity, particularly an aspect of their identity that has been marginalized or historically excluded in society. 我们的社区成员参加亲缘团体是为了找到联系, support and inspiration in a safe, structured environment. Facilitating positive identity exploration is central to creating an inclusive and thriving community.

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  • Middle School Affinity Groups

    • APIDA(亚洲人、太平洋岛民、德裔美国人)
    • Black/ African Affinity
    • Girls of Color
    • MSJU (Middle School Jewish Union)
    • Middle Eastern Affinity
    • Mi Familia
    • Neurodiversity Affinity
    • PAL (Pride Affinity Lunch)
  • Upper School Affinity Groups

    • Alma Latina
    • 亚洲、太平洋岛民、德裔美国学生会
    • Black Girl Magic
    • Black Student Union
    • Jewish Student Union
    • Multi-Racial Student Union
    • Persian Student Union
    • Queer Student Union
    • Two Homes Affinity
    • Women of Color
  • Family Affinity Groups

    Asian Family Alliance (AFA)
    亚洲家庭联盟的使命是提供支持, foster connection and celebrate heritage for Crossroads parents and guardians who identify as having Asian, 太平洋岛民或德西美国人(APIDA)遗产, and/or whose children do. 我们通过亲和性空间倡导可见性、公平性和招聘. We promote the well-being of families who identify as APIDA and empower them by supporting their identified needs. 

    Black Family Alliance (BFA)
    The Black Family Alliance is an affinity group for Crossroads parents and guardians who identify as having Black/African heritage and/or whose children do. 我们的使命是为这些家庭提供联系的机会, 作为一个社区,共同分享和成长. 博鳌亚洲论坛致力于支持招聘的举措, retention, learning, well-being and advancement of Black/African heritage-identifying students and families at Crossroads. 

    Jewish Family Alliance (JFA)
    The Jewish Family Alliance is an affinity group for Crossroads parents and guardians committed to the well-being of Jewish heritage-identifying students and families at Crossroads. Our mission is to celebrate, support confidence and positive identity development and provide families with opportunities to connect, 与更大的网上赌搏网站十大排行社区共同分享和成长. 反犹主义达到了我们这辈子的最高水平, 这个亲密团体希望创造一种安全感, 骄傲和准备将使我们的学生在大学和以后受益.

    Juntos Family Alliance
    Juntos (Together in English) is a bilingual space. Juntos的任务是培养, support and celebrate the cultural heritage of Crossroads families and family members who identify as Latinx/e/o/a or Hispanic. Juntos致力于倡导鼓励可见性, equity, 在网上赌搏网站十大排行招募和保留拉丁裔和西班牙裔家庭.

    Juntos es un espacio bilingüe. La misión de Juntos es fomentar, apoyar y celebrar la herencia cultural de las familias de Crossroads y de los miembros de las familias que se identifican como Latinx/e/o/a o hispanos. Juntos estacmetitido是一种证明,它是一种基于可见性的方法, la equidad, el reclutamiento y la retención de familias latinas e hispanas en Crossroads.

    This LGBTQ+ Family Alliance is an affinity group for Crossroads parents and guardians who identify as LGBTQ+ and/or who have children at Crossroads–or other close family members–who identify as LGBTQ+. 我们的使命是为LGBTQ+家庭提供一个安全的空间, 一个社区和联系的机会,一个LGBTQ+教育和宣传的平台, so that our families and our children have a strong foundation in the larger Crossroads community from which to grow and thrive.
  • Faculty/Staff Affinity Groups

    • BIPOC Affinity
    • 白人反种族主义问责小组
  • Alumni Programming

    网上赌搏网站十大排行校友办公室每年都会举办有色人种校友招待会. 与会者讨论他们的网上赌搏网站十大排行之旅, 参加委员会,与有色人种的学生和现任/前任教师交流.

Diversity and Inclusion

Conferences & Speakers
在网上赌搏网站十大排行进行的多样性和包容性工作并不是孤立存在的. Our students and employees engage with guest speakers and attend local and national conferences, contributing to the important discussions taking place and turning ideas into meaningful action.


网上赌搏网站十大排行社区的成员参加地方和国家会议, workshops, seminars, 以及圆桌会议,以获得新的见解, 建立人际关系,培养领导能力. 通过为会议参与者提供检查偏见的机会, challenge stereotypes, 确认身份,并采取积极的行动改变, we strive to create an inclusive school community where all members can be their authentic selves.

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  • Student Conferences

    Students have recently attended:
    • Across Colors Conference
    • NAIS学生多元化领导会议
    • Pollyanna Conference
    • SLIDE Conference
    • ASEA Conference
    • LA ISLA Conference
  • Faculty/Staff Conferences

    • Across Colors Conference
    • NAIS People of Color Conference
    • Pollyanna Conference
    • ASEA Conference
    • LA ISLA Conference
    • Unmasking Whiteness
    • LGBTQ Educators Gathering

Guest Speakers

Every division hosts accomplished guest speakers to address students on topics related to diversity and inclusion. Recently, National Book Award-winner Jacqueline Woodson and illustrator Rafael López visited the Elementary School and spoke about overcoming feeling like an outsider. Author Ellen Oh addressed Middle Schoolers about the need for diversity in young adult literature. And the Upper School Persian Student Union hosted an assembly in support of civil rights in Iran. 

In addition, 著名演讲者向学生演讲, 员工和家长通过网上赌搏网站十大排行股权基金 & 司法研究所的尤尼斯和索拉雅·纳扎里安公平 & 杰出法官讲座系列. 这个系列是免费向公众开放的. Learn more.